“Dear lover and friend, you’re a secret garden, a private and pure fountain.
Body and soul, you are paradise, a whole orchard of succulent fruits.”
— Song of Songs 4:12, The Message (via inhabitude)


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Phew! Had to get a little experimental this evening with the remaining few ingredients left in my house. Lol. Pretty proud of myself though.

-3 Chicken Breasts
-Soft Goat Cheese
-Sun dried Tomatoes
-Black Olives
-Minced Garlic
-Black Pepper
-Wild Rice

-Preheat oven 425
-Butterfly chicken
-Sprinkle chicken with cracked black pepper & minced garlic
-Layer on sun dried tomatoes
-Add black olives
-Top with goat cheese
-Fold & close breast with toothpicks (I used 2-3 per breast)
-Dress chicken with parsley flakes
-Bake for 45 mins or chicken reaches 190 degrees
-Serve with wild rice